Yoga on the Go – Tracy Draksic 8/6/2015

Yoga on the Go – Tracy Draksic 8/6/2015


How to practice yoga every single day effortlessly!

  • While still in bed in the morning:
    Symmetrical full body stretch
    Face massage
    Flex and point the toes, roll the ankles.
  • While brushing your teeth:
    Put your heel on the counter or on the toilet seat to stretch the hamstrings.
  • While driving your car:
    Press the heels of the hands into the steering wheel and straighten your elbows stretching the upper back.
    At a red light, try eagle arms.
  • While riding in a car:
    Twist and look behind you, initiating at the navel.
    Hug your legs into your belly.
    Fingertip massage the neck.
  • Sitting at a desk?
    Get up and do some moving twists.
    Clean out the barrel.
    March lifting the knees high.
    Inhale the arms overhead and press the palms.
    Eye exercises, neck rolls, shoulder rolls
  • While doing housework:
    Practice healthy forward bending.
    Maybe squat instead of forward bending to pick something up.
    Balance on one leg while washing dishes.
  • Reading the newspaper?
    Get out of your chair and sit on the floor!
    Open the legs wide and put your reading material between your knees.
    Lie on your belly and read in a modified sphinx pose.
  • While waiting in line at the grocery store:
    Perfect your posture – feet are parallel, roll your shoulders back and down, tip the chin lengthening the back of the neck, lift the sternum a little bit keeping the low back neutral, lift through the crown of the head.
    Perform ashwini mudra (tightening and releasing the buttocks) or mula bandha – no one will know – I promise!
    Balance on one foot.
    Discreet agni sara
  • Before bed:
    Read something inspiring.
    Use your neti pot, scrape your tongue, triphala oil as needed.
  • In bed:
    Practice head to toe relaxation – or point to point.
    Practice complete breath.

Always observe your breath and how you are holding your body!

Fix your posture and find diaphragmatic breathing in times of stress. Ask your body to release tension. When the mind gets noisy, silently listen to your mantra. As the Gita reminds us, Yoga is Skillfulness in Action!



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