Yoga Class Descriptions

Start from where you are. Our classes are taught over several weeks to systematically introduce postures and develop strength and flexibility.

Some of our specialty asana classes are offered each session and others on a rotating basis. Check out our Yoga Class page for the latest schedule. Feel free to call or email with any questions.

Gentle, Restorative, and Therapeutic Classes

  • Adaptive Yoga: This class will involve modifications to traditional postures using a chair, the wall, and blocks in order to find physical balance, alignment, and ease.
  • Balance Training: Solid physical balance is more than just being able to stand on one foot. Improving balance can prevent injuries, sharpen mental focus and relieve stress. In this 4-week yoga session, we will build body awareness and create a foundation for improving strength and stability. You may find that improving your physical balance can help you strike a balance in the other aspects of your life as well.
  • Chair Yoga: Chair yoga offers all the benefits of a regular yoga class to those who have difficulty with kneeling, getting up and down off the floor, and mobility limitations. This class will include breath work, relaxation and meditation. Come and enjoy a new sense of freedom and comfort for body, mind and spirit.
  • Exercises for Joints & Glands: The Exercises for Joints & Glands comprise a set of simple, pleasant stretching exercises that can be enjoyed by everyone. They increase circulation to all parts of the body and help improve overall flexibility. Restore a natural vitality to the body and mind by releasing accumulated tensions in the muscles, joints and fascia. Based on the 1977 book compiled from the teachings of Swami Rama.
  • Gentle Yoga: Yoga offers gentle exercises that can dramatically help those with joint pain or stiffness. In this class, explore the classic joints and glands series of movements, along with additional exercises, breath work, and relaxation.
  • Restorative Yoga: While all yoga is nurturing, these sessions will especially focus on restorative and supported postures that calm and relax the body. This is a good class for those whose energy is depleted or who need a gentler class for any reason.
  • Stretch and Relax: This all-levels class will take you head-to-toe(s) through a range of stretches and yoga postures that help to release muscular tension and improve range of motion. Guided breath work, relaxation techniques, and meditation will be included to soothe the nervous system and strengthen the mind-body connection moving you towards a deep sense of inner peace.
  • Yoga for Pain Management: Yoga breathing techniques, relaxation skills, and postures that are uniquely situated to help in the management of chronic physical and mental pain.
  • Yoga for Parkinson’s: a complete yoga class specifically catered to students with special challenges in controlled movement. The instructor focuses on increasing mobility and motor control – offering students options for improving their practice with variations, props and personal encouragement. Each class includes postures and movement exercises, breath work, and relaxation. Yoga is a valuable tool for staying connected to the body and finding peace and community while working with a challenging physical condition.

Beginning / Foundation Level Classes

  • Hatha 1: New to yoga? Begin your training with a balanced program of yoga stretches and postures that are accessible to any ability level. Practice diaphragmatic breathing and systematic relaxation to reduce tension and calm the nervous system.

Continuing / Experienced Level Classes

  • Hatha 2: Variations on basic postures are introduced. Breathing exercises, subtler relaxation methods and deeper meditation skills are developed.
  • Hatha 3: Practice new and more challenging postures, building endurance and flexibility. Explore pranayama and breathing exercises to increase energy and focus the mind.
  • Awakening Prana: A prana-centered style of asana practice emphasizes the subtle and meditative aspects of hatha yoga practice. Maintaining continuous attention on sensation in the body and movement of the breath leads to a state of deep inner awareness, calm and tranquility. Joints and Glands exercises coupled with Yin-style postures create an appropriate practice for any level practitioner. Each session will also include guided relaxation and seated meditation.
  • Core Strength: This class includes core muscle-isolation exercises interwoven within a classical asana sequence.
  • Yin Yoga: The practice of Yin Yoga is a slow-paced method in which poses are held for extended periods of time with a focus on increasing circulation and energetic flow into joints, ligaments and connective tissues.
  • Strong Seniors: Fine-tune your yoga practice with like-minded yogis who want to maintain a safe and effective practice honoring our bodies into mid-life and beyond.
  • Yoga for Strength and Stability: According to the Yoga Sutra, Sthira (stability) and Sukha (ease), are the hallmarks of a yoga pose. Over time, the goal is to experience more strength and stability in a pose without an increase in tension. Refining your alignment is one of the keys to building strength that coexists with ease. In this series, Steven will break down the alignment fundamentals of familiar poses to awaken a deeper experience of strength, endurance, and ease.