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Yoga classes and seminars for March - April are now open for registration. Check our website! We are happy to bring you a combination of Zoom, In-Person, and Hybrid options.

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Ayurveda and Asana

Education for Yoga Teachers

Review the fundamentals of Ayurvedic asana and how to sequence for the Kapha dosha. Then, experience a kapha balancing practice that you can use at home.

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Philosophy Meets Practice!

Join us for a two-part workshop designed to help you understand and work with the Chakra System from both a traditional and a modern perspective.

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Kitchen Sadhana

This interactive demo will include both classroom instruction and cooking in the HIB kitchen. Lunch and teas will be provided. Recipes to take home!

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Yoga Class Schedule

Our classes are taught over 7-8 weeks to systematically develop strength and flexibility.

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Lectures & Seminars

We offer classes, workshops, and a variety of other events and programs throughout the year.

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