About Us

The Himalayan Institute of Buffalo is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1974. Our aim is to promote health, self-awareness, and spiritual well-being through the practice and teachings of yoga. Our programs are open to all and there are no membership requirements to enroll in classes. As a volunteer organization, our students and staff generously help us maintain our facility and accomplish the many teaching and administrative tasks that keep us active.

We offer classes, workshops, and a variety of other events and programs throughout the year. A free brochure, mailed bi-monthly, contains all our programs – and you’ll find them listed on this website as well. We regularly participate in community outreach activities through presentations at businesses, schools, community health fairs, and employee assistance programs. We also help our local community through charitable efforts.

Our Approach

We teach yoga as a systematic method for improving health and deepening peace of mind. While it is not a religion, yoga offers a spiritual approach to life that is based on over forty centuries of practice. Most students begin their journey with stretches and postures (asanas) to regain a feeling of physical well-being. Breathing and relaxation exercises calm tense nerves and awaken self-confidence. Meditation promotes deeper levels of self-awareness. Gradually, yoga leads to new and healthier ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

You’ll find our yoga posture class offerings listed here. Breath training and guided relaxation instruction are integrated in all our classes and students greatly benefit from the stress relief these techniques provide. Meditation instruction is another focus of our curriculum, and you can either take separate meditation classes or include meditation as part of asana practice. A wide and varying selection of offerings that explore health, and the psychology and philosophy of yoga, help bring yoga to everyday life.