From our recent graduates…

If you are open to what the benefits of yoga and all the pieces it encompasses can do for your life, then this program can lead you to that place of self-healing and transformation.

• The HIB program taught well beyond the asana. The Tradition from which the teachings and teachers spring provided me with the tools and the guidance needed to pursue a spiritual practice and to live a more joyful life and share it with others in a kind, safe and informative way.

• The teacher-training program is truly a phenomenal way to become more aware of yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally; and then be able to pass that along to others, which is an even greater gift.

• This program is one of the best choices I have made for myself. It has inspired me to have confidence in myself. The way the material was introduced helped me to really engage and internalize it. It gave me a good foundation for all my further yoga studies and has reignited my thirst for knowledge. I feel prepared to begin the journey of sharing yoga with others.

• This experience has been life changing. I not only feel very prepared to share the gift of yoga, but I also feel a new perspective on life and my place in this world.

• This training was a whole lot more than learning to be a teacher. It truly was and still is a transformative process of becoming a more enlightened person.

• This year has truly been the happiest year of my life. The knowledge I’ve gained and the family I’ve made will be with me for the rest of my life.

• HIB presents a well -rounded program that gives its trainees both the knowledge and practical experience needed to teach. The instructors are well versed in their areas of expertise and the course of study, while demanding, is not difficult to fit into your life for 9 months.

• Even if I never teach yoga, I am better prepared for life thanks to this program.

• There is too much to be said about the HITT. It was a life changing experience. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and study with the best group of teachers. Cheers to all my teachers!

• The 200 hour teacher-training program at HI Buffalo is a great and thorough learning program. Not only do I feel confident and capable in my ability and knowledge to teach others, the training also transformed me personally in a way that has helped me be a truer to myself and more compassionate toward others.

• The 200 hour teacher-training at HI of Buffalo is an excellent program led by experienced and loving teachers who help deepen your practice, knowledge and love of yoga. This course prepares you to live a fuller life and help others to do the same. I highly recommend it.

• My experiences here have been transforming. I not only feel like a better teacher, but also I feel like a better person. HI has become a second home to me where I feel supported, cared for, and very much loved. I have been fully accepted for who I am while encouraged to become the best that I can be.

• When I was accepted into the HI 2015 teacher training, I was so excited to learn how to teach. Having completed the training, not only am I prepared to teach, I have had an entire life-transformation with a group of people I will forever consider family.

• Attending teacher training at HIB has made me a stronger, happier and more compassionate person. I am beginning to know myself due to the amazing education, tools and support.

• Unmistakably, the best learning experience I have had in an educational setting.