HI Buffalo – Annual Membership ($60)

Annual Membership is a way to support your local branch center and strengthen our collective commitment to nurturing a strong and supportive yoga community in the Buffalo area. We are sure that you agree, HIB is an enormous blessing to us all! Benefits of membership include:

  • 10% off yoga classes and seminars* at the HI Buffalo center
    please note: not all classes and seminars are eligible for discounts (CEU courses, visiting teachers, classes under $25, and online Zoom classes are not included)
  • 10% off Himalayan Institute books at the HI Buffalo bookstore

Students paying for a Mission Membership with the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA will receive an Annual Membership to the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo free of charge! Just let us know by forwarding your receipt from H.I. Honesdale and enjoy a 10% discount off books and classes in Buffalo.


THANK YOU for supporting your local center!